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What to buy in the sales

There were times when I would brace myself whenever I walked past a shop. Sometimes I would literally hold my breath and hurry by. Sales season. Those big red letters and signs can spell trouble if you’re not careful and I’ve been known to not be careful. At all. And of course instead of feeling great about where I’ve spent my money I end up hating myself and regretting every single purchase.

But rather then avoiding the shops like the plague, I have learnt to embrace this season, to be sensible and smart.

The number one rule I have is to always make purchases that I need, that will fill a gap and make dressing in the morning an easy and, most importantly, happy task. I also tend to focus on investment pieces and better quality buys that I could not afford otherwise.

So, no matter what, I take my list with me and I stick to it. You see, I have a WANT list on my phone. While window shopping or browsing online if I see something I like and really need, no matter how much it is, I put it on my WANT list. Some stuff will stay on that list forever as they’re completely out of my budget range but others I will do my best to track down during the sales season.

Here are some basics that I always look for during the sales:

A coat/jacket: You can find a range of fantastic coats and jackets during the sales season at amazingly low prices. And if you find something you like in a bigger size, buy it because coats and jackets can easily be altered. Just make sure you have a good tailor.

Plain white tee: This is where you need to upgrade. A great quality t-shirt will make all the difference to your wardrobe and how you dress. Spend a few more euros and buy the perfect one, super-soft and thin.

Ballet flats or any flats: We all need a pair and you know that they can make any outfit look more polished. I am currently on the hunt for a new pair of leopard print ones.

Slip on sneakers: Easy and versatile. I love them and swear by Vans slip-ons.

Stripey t-shirt: I loved the quality of these stripey long-sleeved t-shirts by Savannah Miller for Debenhams so much I bought two. One in a small size for a tighter fit and one in a massive size for my body’s days off. Ha!

Black trousers: Forever and always on the lookout for an awesome pair of black trousers. However to be completely honest the only time they have been perfect is after taking them to my tailor. But I do still own a pair of Aqua trousers I bought while in New York eight years ago that didn’t require any tailoring.

Heels: Currently on the lookout for a pair of nude heels like these or these.

Denim: A great pair of jeans can be costly so this season is the perfect time to invest in denim and that includes a jean jacket.

Little black dress: I actually bought this one from Mango before the sales and have worn it on almost every single evening outing since then.



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  • Reply Mika January 25, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    Love this article! I’ve bought coats on sale a few times because like you said, I’d rather have quality than quantity.

    Mika |

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