5 alternative gifts for Mother’s Day

While it is totally ok to cook breakfast, book a spa or buy something extra special for mama on Sunday when we’ll all be celebrating the number one women in our lives, there are a few things she really wants that you just can’t put in a little bag and most cost next to nothing.

1. Let her sleep: I’m guessing mothers, especially ones with younger children will shout an ‘amen’ to this. I know this is something I would love to get. A whole day in bed. ON MY OWN! That would be so cool. Or at least a lie in.

2. Clean the house: You could wake up before her and wash the dishes from last night’s dinner or you could hoover, sweep or mop the floors. How about just tidying up a little? Or maybe if you’re feeling extra generous and you have some cash to spare have a professional cleaner come in for the day so mama can put her feet up. The point is to make sure there is nothing for her to do.

3. Make plans: This one is a good one especially for me because I feel as if I’m always the one making plans. Something about being a Type-A, someone once said. Anyway, the point here is don’t wake up on Sunday and ask her: ‘what do you want to do today?’ Instead plan something you know she’ll like. For me that something would involve food and a day out in the sun. But it could be anything even a day of adventure.

4. Frame a photo: If she’s been printing photos but never gets round to actually framing them or placing them in an album, go ahead and do it for her. Or you could dig up an old photo of her as a baby and put it in a pretty frame.

5. Write her a letter: Perhaps the best non-gift ever. Papa and I used to write letters to each other all the time. And we still do although sending a lengthy love text is not the same as opening a hand-written letter she can have forever.


So what do you think? Would these be on your list of non-gift type of presents you would like to receive? What others would you add?


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