With the new year comes a new and different Parent Hood. Seeing as lately I kept steering off course and adding stuff that had little or nothing to do with parenting, I thought it better to just embrace the change and go with the flow.

So I give you Stuff. Yes, that’s it. Stuff. Every week I will bring to you stuff I have found, read, seen, liked. Stuff that has made an impression on me and I think you might appreciate looking at over the weekend.

1. I can’t believe he’s gone. As my dad said when we texted each other after hearing the news: I thought he would be around forever. RIP Starman and thank you for everything. A collection of images.

2. Bowie and Jagger. My favourite dancing duo and a video that will always make me smile.

3. 12 beauty foods.

4. Excellent tips and great photos on how to decorate a kiddie room.

5. A cool lookbook for mamas and little girls.

6. A beautiful book I want to get for Georgie.

7. I can’t wait for the day when Georgie sits down with us for a Star Wars marathon. This is, apparently, the correct order to show your kids the Star Wars movie.

8. Here’s a list of the top baby and pregnancy products for 2016. There are a quite a few good ones.

9. A FRIENDS reunion? But one of them won’t be there.

10. A woman we love with a low-maintenance beauty routine.  

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