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The question always lingers as they watch Georgie: So ready for another one? I’ve caught myself giving various answers to this dubious question. There’s ‘someday’, ‘in two years’ and then there’s ‘never.’ Needless to say, the latter is met with a sad look and the inevitable ‘why?’ I instantly regret being so honest. But it is true. A lot of the timeI am happy with just the three of us. I just don’t see another baby fitting into this picture. I can’t say I particularly miss those first few months, the non-stop breastfeeding, sleepless nights and the overall haze. Georgie was a restless baby, catching me completely off-guard even though I had cared for my sister’s children. It scared me, to be honest. I didn’t expect it to be so hard. Everyday, I would grieve the loss of my independence. I can’t say I was depressed but then again, many new mummies are but just don’t know what the hell is going on.

The truth is, I’m torn. There are times when I want to give everything to Georgie; my undivided attention, the opportunity to travel with him and be with JUST HIM. I won’t lie. I imagine it will mean more independence, more me time too. The chance to maybe start working again, fulfilling other needs. But then there are times when I realize just how much love and dedication I could offer another baby, care for another and feel the pride that comes with motherhood… and that ultimately I will be giving Georgie one of the most beautiful gifts: a sibling. I have an enormous respect for family values. I treasure them.

For now, I think I’ll be sticking to the good old saying ‘Never say never ‘. And I can rest assured that Georgie will never be alone… Achilleas, his cousin, only 23 days older, will always be like a brother to my baby.

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