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  I rarely stay home with Georgie. He was days old when I took him out and to the mall for the first time. Granted it isn’t the most creative of places but it was cold and I was in dire need of a shopping trip. Plus I think it’s good for kids to learn to be out and about instead of cooped up indoors in front of the TV-gasp! Even if it’s just for a walk outside, leaving the apartment’s four cold walls makes me feel better and therefore baby feels better too. Yesterday the weather wasn’t too kind though- extremely windy and dusty, the worst when you’re suffering with allergies- so we ended up staying indoors. We listened to some music- we’re currently loving the new Black Keys album- read our new Puppies book and somewhere along the line I found time to tidy my wardrobe and put away my winter coats. Georgie found time to mess around.

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