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Buddha Bowls

A few months ago I came across a blog post on Buddha Bowls. Have you heard of them? As far as I’m concerned this is exactly the type of excitement that healthy eating was missing. A big bowl packed with all sorts of colourful goodies, a custom-made dish with which you can let your imagination run wild. 

Image from Well and Full

I walked into Get Fresh today and what did my little eye spy in the fridge? Buddha bowls! So I figured its time to get you in on the biggest and trendiest health secret that you may not know about. And you really need to know about this one because its so easy to make at home!

So the idea of a Buddha Bowl consists of some sort of grain, beans, veggies and a dressing/sauce. All in one bowl. Yummy. I tend to use quinoa, brown rice or buckwheat as my grain. Beans I like to include are chickpeas (my absolute favourite), kidney beans, edamame and lentils. As for veggies, just go with whatever rocks your boat. Seriously, anything goes! Broccoli, beetroots, cucumbers, avocados are a must- at least for me- cauliflower, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, courgettes, mushrooms, carrots. Throw it all in or limit it to just a few. Chop them up into bitesize pieces, go raw, oven-roasted or sautée. And then there’s the dressing. I haven’t experimented much with this part because I am a massive hummus fan and just add that to every buddha bowl I make. Try tahini which is also super healthy or add a salad dressing of your choice. Homemade are always better but you can go with a store-bought one too.

Image taken from Pure Wow

One thing I forgot to mention is the base or foundation of a Buddha Bowl and that is greens. I always start with spinach, kale, lettuce, rocket or just any leafy green I find and fancy. And I build my bowl from there. Add all the other ingredients you’ve prepared and your sauce or dressing and that’s it! Georgie loves putting together his own bowl which I help him do by just putting everything in separate bowls spread out on the kitchen counter with spoons for easy serving.

Image taken from Career Girl Daily

When I feel like adding some more protein I usually include torn up roasted chicken breasts, a fried, boiled or scrambled egg. I love how the runny yolk from a fried egg blends into everything giving it a bigger punch of flavour.


I usually make my Buddha Bowls at night when the lighting is awful so I’ve included some pretty pics with great links which you should definitely check out. So what do you think? Have you tried making a Buddha Bowl? What do you include in yours?


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