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Five beach hair styles

It’s summer!!! And my hair is constantly wet, constantly out of control and always bordering on too dry. If it ain’t the humidity wreaking havoc, it’s the pool or the sea water. Either way curly/dry hair does not do well in summer. This is why, this year, I have chosen to stop trying to get my locks to look as good as they do during the cooler months. I have given up on styling products and have finally embraced some off-beat hairstyles that will take me from day to night without any hassle.


1. The headband tuck. For instructions and more ideas, go to Total Beauty


2. If you’re stuck on inspiration, you’ve had enough with your mane and are seriously considering a buzz-cut, always go with a braid. There are so many styles you can achieve just by braiding a bit of hair. I really like this style. Photo: Pinterest

b2e4dbd20347e2607aeb6af0304b8f003. Messy braids. I can totally rock this look just because my hair is messy 99% of the time anyway! Use hair clips and braid away. There are no rules.



4. Twist your hair and wrap it around an elastic band, allowing the ends hanging to one side of your face. I don’t think you can achieve this look with curly hair but it’s a cool idea nonetheless. For more modern wet hair styles check out the whole post on Refinery 29.



5. When all else fails, there’s always the trusty head scarf. I keep one in my beach bag at all times because it is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to disguise a very bad hair moment. For more ideas on how to rock a head scarf check out Frayed.



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