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Georgie’s lunchbox

Packing Georgie’s lunch box is, apparently, a thrilling task. I have so much fun with it (most times) and try to include exciting yet healthy options. Apart from the school’s ‘no nut policy’, which means peanut butter is out of the question (boohoo) I think the possibilities are endless. I set time aside in the evening to get as much as I can ready for the morning and always keep in mind that I am feeding a three-year old, so small portions and bite-sized pieces are key. I photographed some of the lunches and snacks I put together during Georgie’s first and second week. Let’s see how long this lasts! (ha!)

DSC_0976Peanut butter and bananas in a tortilla wrap (this was the second day of school before I was aware of the ‘no nut’ policy’) and plain unsalted popcorn.

On a day when he needed only a snack: cucumbers, green beans, carrots and baby corn.DSC_0985

Sliced watermelon, carrot sticks and salami and cheese mini sandwiches.

Bow-tie pasta with broccoli and cheddar cheese and watermelon cut into shapes with a cookie cutter.DSC_0004Sandwich sushi rolls with cream cheese and raspberry jam, plain popcorn and blueberries.

DSC_0018Shredded roasted chicken breast, mayonnaise, carrot sticks, strawberries and blueberries.


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