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Healthy eating habits revised

It’s been one month since I started a strict, new and revised eating plan. I try to be a healthy-eater but lately I’ve been feeling run-down, agitated, anxious, bloated and overall frustrated with myself. Time for change.

So I paid a visit to an alternative doctor who gave me an overall check up and recommended a few big -actually massive- changes to my diet including some supplements.

I am a great believer when it comes to supplements because let’s face it, there’s only so many vitamins and minerals you can get from fruits, veggies, etc. As much as I believe in them and take them on occasion, I have always faced one big problem and that is WHAT and WHEN to take exactly. You need to know the answers to these two questions otherwise there really is no point in taking anything. And let me tell you something else, even when you actually know the what and the when and the why, there’s still the issue of actually taking them, remembering to take them and remembering to take them with you when you go out. It seems like almost every night, right when I’m about to nod off, I remember those bloody probiotics, which are kept in the fridge and which ultimately means I have to get up, go downstairs, take the pill, make my way upstairs then try and get back to sleep. But it’s worth it because probiotics are one of the most important supplements every woman should take.

Cutting out sugar was mentioned. And I knew it would be because sugar is kind of like the devil. Only worse. Out are also mushrooms, broccoli and tomatoes among other things that tend to disrupt my digestive system and cause mucous. Yes, I am miserable. But I love my new morning routine, which involves a cup of warm water with lemon before anything else. Note: warm. Not hot.

Another major change I have incorporated into my life is no carbs after lunch. This part is my version of hell. Seriously. It has taken all my strength and determination to fight the urge to eat potatoes, cheese on toast, pasta and fries and all the other goodies that make me so very happy. I think I’ve had some withdrawal symptoms in the form of extreme headaches and depression. That’s totally possible right? But cutting out carbs big time has paid off big time. My belly fat has already decreased substantially and my skin has cleared up.

One last piece of wisdom I have to share is a big no-no we are all guilty of: mixing our foods. Carbs and protein on one plate? A chunky piece of meat and a jacket potato? Er no. Stop. Don’t do it if you want to lose weight or help your digestive system.

So as you can see it’s taking enormous amounts of effort to get used to living and eating this way. It’s only been a month and I have had a few major slip-ups. Mainly because I was dealing with the boys and a nasty virus that struck both. And who has time to worry about stocking the fridge when your nine-month old has an ear infection. And then there was Georgie’s sixth birthday party when I just could not resist the cakes. Oh and a couple of brunches that involved toast and muffins and coffee.

Parts of this new and revised eating plan are downright hard for me. Barely a few days go by and I cheat at least once. But I’m making an effort because I have had a glimpse at what a healthy eating plan can accomplish and it felt good. I believe that finding the root of the problem is more effective than simply targeting the problem when it comes to our health and how we feel. And I believe that the type of wrong or ill-fitted foods I consume are causing much of what ends up making me feel unhappy and unhealthy. I have also taken the doctor’s advice and looked into hatha yoga because he believes it will benefit me. I agree. So I have my first class booked for Monday evening. Wish me luck…in everything. x


What subtle or major changes have you made in your diet? I would love to hear your tips and secrets.


I am in no way, shape or form a doctor or health expert. This is a personal blog post about the beginning of a journey to a healthier lifestyle. Please speak to a professional before embarking on any sort of major change in eating habits. 


Feature image by Wildly Alive Weight Loss

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