on our island

mummy and papa go solo

     Agia Napa was chosen as the perfect location to spend time on our own. Georgie, it was decided, would spend a whole week with his grandparents in the mountains. Two more days than the time we flew to Brussels, which meant I was dreading the separation anxiety attack. Oddly, it never came. Perhaps because I knew he was within distance therefore could see him if I felt like it- and of course, assuming I was willing to drive for three hours. On the third day we did just that. We visited him for the day, which completely threw him off because that evening, after we had left, he threw a couple of tantrums and wouldn’t settle down after his bath. With good reason though. Seven days is a long time to be away from my child. I began feeling anxious, guilty and depressed last night, before we picked him up. I had enjoyed myself thoroughly and was so very proud of finishing two books while lazying around on the beach and snorkeling… but-excuse the pun- I was like a fish out of water.      But somehow I managed to do exactly what I wanted to do. It was truly a relaxing time spent with good friends and nights out. Candlelight dinners and late evening departures from the beach. Boutique hotels and long chats.Movies at midnight and Oreos!      …to papa!    Would you believe me if i told you THIS kept me going all day? Probably my favorite part of the whole week.     Now let’s get back to business. . . easier said than done.

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