odd ends

Odd ends

flamingos cyprus

georgie's mummy

georgie's mummy

georgie's mummy

georgie's mummy pilates

georgie's mummy dino exhibition

georgie's mummy sneakers

georgie's mummy

georgie's mummy

It’s been ages since my last Odd Ends. So here’s a roundup of a few of my favourite moments from the past two months.

1. Buddies since G was born.

2. Freezing cold day in January when we stopped to see the flamingos in Larnaca.

3. That one time he sneaked into our bedroom and fell asleep on our bed.

4. Documenting favourite trousers of the moment because they’re cool and have an elastic waist band.

5. ‘One more mummy’.

6. Morning Pilates workout.

7. I was so impressed by the HB Dino exhibition. Definitely worth going.

8. Pregnancy style staples: Stan Smiths and comfy cardigans. Both gifts from papa.

9. Favourite breakfast combination: Peanut butter on brown bread and strawberries.

10. G’s chalkboard doodles that I want to remember forever.


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