Sorry about the lack of STUFF these past two weeks. I was thinking of scheduling a post last week when we were away but I decided to just take the day off! Ha!

1. I’m hoping to make it to this Get Fresh event on Saturday.

2. I don’t have the FB app on my phone but apparently everyone’s stoked about discovering another hidden message inbox on there so check it!

3. We didn’t make it last year but this Sunday we’ll be at the Easter Egg Hunt for sure.

4. Seven situations when you should say thank you.

5. A friend took part in the WriteCy workshop and she produced this amazing piece of writing. 

6. Check out the new TEDxNicosia announcements.

7. The cutest Easter Bunny Treat Jars.

8. Do you know which foods are owned by Monsanto? Here’s a list.  

9. A lovely children’s book about Billie Holiday. 

10. New favourite song. New favourite group.

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