1. There’s a Women’s Self-defence two-day workshop taking place in Nicosia next weekend. Definitely worth checking out.

2. Nowhere near ready to start looking into baby stuff but if I was I would love to get my hands on all this.

3. Are you going to the Birth Forward event tomorrow? I’m so excited. See you there.

4. I made this veggie bowl with a few changes and it was goooood.

5. ‘Please don’t call me mom’. A request from a transgender parent. 

6. A mother wishes she could go back in time. Makes you think.

7. Johnny Depp as Donald Trump. Love that man!

8. Remember Jacqui? The Instagram mum who lost her three-year old boy in a tragic accident? Recently she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and shares what its like to be a ‘unconventional’ family of four. 

9. How to put your bra on properly. 

10. New favourite song. 


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