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DSC_0247Living in Cyprus, where the sun shines most of the year and water is the only escape from the (often) unbearable heat, means that swimming is an essential life skill. This skill is a particularly important one when you have kids. It’s a worldwide fact that little ones love the splish-splash feeling but when you’re faced with a pool or the sea, it can spell danger, fear and stress. Certainly not feelings you want to deal with. I can never relax when Georgie is circling a swimming pool or playing on the beach. However, since we became adamant about teaching him how to hold his breath and kick his legs and wear armbands at all times, I am happy to report that we are both having more fun, waterside. We are lucky Georgie loves the water and doesn’t seem to be afraid of the depth or magnitude, which has made our job much easier. There are lots of tips online to get your little ones used to the water. Try having them put their mouths under the water and blow bubbles. You can do it in the bath if the ocean or pool sounds too scary. DSC_0265A day at the waterpark has become a summer tradition in our family. We had so much fun and with Georgie all set on his ‘safe water behaviour’, I loved every minute of it! My parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and friends get together and head for Waterworld in Agia Napa, which by the way has great discounts over the summer-pity food and beverages can burn a hole in your pocket by the end of the day.DSC_0214waterpark mumDSC_0192DSC_0208DSC_0199DSC_0184I hope we keep this summer tradition alive. If anything, seeing my parents lounging on the Lazy River is something I like. Being with family and friends on a beautiful summer day surrounded by ALOT of water, rocks!

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