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Battling Eczema

Ever since Georgie turned 2, he’s been suffering from atopic dermatitis otherwise known as eczema. His condition, which includes red patches, itching and scaly skin would take a turn for the worse during the summer months. Excessive bathing and swimming pools would dry his skin causing it to lose moisture. I tried numerous products, both organic and non, with vague results. Nothing seemed to work and rid him from excessive scratching until someone mentioned Aloe Vera. If you use creams or oils based on aloe, great! But what I cannot recommend enough is the actual plant and the gel you find within the leaves. A good friend gave me an Aloe Vera plant ages ago, when we were still living in the flat sans baby. When we moved, I took it with me and planted it in our garden. Little did I know that this little plant, which by the way requires minimal maintenance and knowledge to grow, would become a life-saver.

odd ends

odd ends

1. This morning. He has Under the Sea on repeat.

2. Prepping for summer nights outdoors.

3. First beach moment. Summer 2014.

4. Lavender.

5. I unearthed this a couple weeks ago and have been on the hunt for a sewing machine ever since.

6. First summer purchase.

7. ‘I want that!’

8.  One more from this morning because I cannot resist that look.

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three celebrations and an anniversary

This week has been a celebration of exchanging gifts and staying up late. Two best friends were throwing parties for their little ones over the weekend and my dad turned 65, so yep, it’s safe to assume that we were all hyped on way too much birthday cake. Which brought about alot of activities and progress around the house. We have very kind friends who love gardening and offered to help set the palm trees up with an automatic watering system. We are very keen on making this place as much of a garden as we can with this hot weather. We’ve done some research and experimenting, since planting and creating a garden is not that easy. Especially with the price of plants and little trees, you really don’t want to mess up and lose those babies.Much of the experimenting we did was in the vegetable garden. We didn’t plan ahead at all. It was more Georgie throwing seeds in the air and me running after him with tags which blew away the next day. The result is a jungle of pumpkins, cucumbers and tomatoes with some parsley and basil here and there. Oh and two aloe vera plants. But we have been blessed with produce and good ones. Ten years ago papa and I locked lips and that was it. We still celebrate the day every year. We’ve been married for four years but somehow that date doesn’t mean as much as the first kiss. I finally had a good excuse to get papa a Fender acoustic and he finally had a good excuse to get me a turntable. Yay! Pictures to come.My little dude was a dream throughout our busy week. He even jumped in the swimming pool all by himself in front of our very eyes. I almost fainted. He’s really into kicking his legs and holding his breath and jumping into our arms but this was new and it scared me to the point where it has kept me up at nights. I guess it’s part of growing up. Shit. That’s scarier, isn’t it?

home and design

at home

It’s a refreshing change of scenery for me to lounge around my house all day. With a toddler, it’s hard to stay put. They get bored, you get frustrated and before you know it, you couldn’t care less about the scribbling on the walls, if it means getting two minutes of peace and quiet. The mall and park has always been my answer to moments like these. But over the three months we’ve been in our new home, Georgie and I have developed a new pattern. We rarely leave our little corner of the world and spend hours potting around the garden, cooking, baking and painting. I even managed to put together a little bit of art in the form of stamped triangles. Also, I made a salad with fresh rocket from our vegetable garden. Pat on the back for me because up until three months ago, the only plant that survived in my hands was a cactus. I feel I have a lot to be proud of, especially my little dude who is talking up a storm these days and learning to appreciate days filled with music and Sunday afternoon burgers with the family.