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Where to go with kids in Vienna

I felt certain that Vienna would be the perfect ‘new and exciting’ place to go with Georgie. Sans papa. It’s only a three-hour plane ride from Cyprus, a very safe city and extremely child-friendly.

Every single metro station has a lift which makes traveling with a bump and a buggy so much easier and the city centre is jam-packed with the most beautiful parks and playgrounds. The weather was perfect and the food was too.


20 life changes that come with a baby

This is a post I have been meaning to complete since I first started this blog. The number of changes a woman experiences after having a baby are endless. Some are hilarious, others downright depressing but all become subsequent changes of the type of love you cannot live without.

1. Face masks should never be applied unless you are certain your kids are fast asleep. Walking into their bedroom in the middle of the night to calm them from a nightmare with a face mask on can be a regretful experience.

let's play


The obsession Georgie has with dinosaurs is wearing off. At least as far as favourite movie characters are concerned. Georgie is, of course, very young to understand what Monsters Inc is all about but I couldn’t resist watching it with him one afternoon. He was hooked within minutes. Since then Mike and Sulley have been topics of many discussions and finally painting and creating one afternoon. All we needed was a box, some paper cups leftover from his birthday party, glue and those sticky eyes, which we use often. Sometimes I’ll just stick a pair on a piece of paper and Georgie creates around them, making faces and imaginary creatures. He is at that drawing phase right now and you better believe I love it!