would you look at that!

      I am so excited to be in last Sunday’s Cyprus Mail newspaper! My friend and ex-colleague Zoe wrote a little piece on local bloggers and even though I am so new to the world of blogging and far from any other truly inspiring blogs i have discovered, she was nice enough to include Georgie and me.

It’s so funny to be the subject after seven years of interviewing and writing as a feature writer. Finding and questioning people who have done something with their lives and telling their story was a way of life to me and in a way helped shape me into the person I am now. When you are so exposed to different worlds and different mentalities you tend to be flexible and open.

I believe I am adapting this to the way of life I have now with my baby. And blogging which I enjoy so. I see this blog as a compilation of my favorite moments. It reminds me that life is good and it makes me proud. Proud to be a mummy.

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