What’s the one thing you do for just you?

Once you have kids it’s so easy to get carried away with their lives, their needs, their wants that you forget about YOUR needs, YOUR wants and YOUR life. I know I’m certainly guilty of this. 

I’ve gone for months without having a mani/pedi or curling up with a good book for hours. I haven’t attended a Pilates class since I had James, I use DIY face masks I have no idea about and to me, a coffee date with a friend is the equivalent of  climbing Mount Everest.

But there is one thing, one tiny little thing that I do for me on a weekly basis.

I get a massage. At home.

I know a wonderful girl who used to massage me when I was pregnant with James. A few weeks after he was born she offered to come to our house and give me a full body massage aka a proper back massage. Best idea ever!

So since then, every week, excluding sick baby days, once a week for one whole hour, after the kids have been tucked in and the house is finally quiet, it’s all about me. And my body. And my mind. Sometimes I switch off, concentrating on my breathing and relaxing. Other times I take the time to sort things out in my head, to deal with something that may be nagging me and let it go. Getting a massage is the single one thing I do for me because I reckon I deserve it.

So what do you do for YOU? The one thing that revitalises you and keeps you sane?  I would love to hear your experiences.

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